Silk Scream DVD

Silk Scream DVD

"One Size Kills All"

Silk Scream is the fifth feature length film from Terror Optics released in 2017.

A Giallo inspired whodunit with heaping portions of offensive language and gruesome murder! Follow unlikely heroes Art and Tee as they attempt to piece together the puzzle of these mysterious murders that surround their print shop. Notes inked in blood provide clues to the motivation of this butchery in the midst of crooked cops, crazed coworkers, bondage role playing, lustful distractions and recreational drug use. Will they solve these horrific crimes or just end up part of the body count?

Silk Scream serves as a fun combination of 70's giallos, 80's slashers and 90's horror comedies! It marks a transition to a more traditional horror film compared to previous Terror Optics releases yet retains the gore and crude humor that the company has become known for. The film stars T.O. regulars Steve Waltz and Bill Heintz along with Ari Lehman (Friday The 13th, The Barn), Renell Gibbs (Black Lightning, NCIS: New Orleans) and Lisa Mackel Smith (It Takes A Killer, Proof Of The Devil). The soundtrack features a synth score by writer Bill Heintz plus songs from Maggot Sandwich, The Wild Ones, Guitar Lightning Lee, The Unnaturals and more!

DVD features a Making Of Featurette and Wild Eye Releasing trailers.


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